Q: What is the Difference Between Beltone True 6 and Beltone True 9?

Both these devices are from the same brand and the same series so naturally they are pretty similar. However, there are few differences between the 6 and the 9.

Main differences

The 9 got more channels. It is significant if your hearing loss isn’t flat and you need to amplify differently for different frequencies.

Another difference is the number of programs. The 9 got additional program comparing to the 6. Programs is when you predefine the way the hearing aid will function on a certain scenario. For instance, a program for listening to music, a program for crowded places, a program for noisy environment and so on.

Do you really need that extra program? Not necessarily. It depends on your lifestyle.

The 9 also supposed to handle wind noises better. Do you really suffer from wind noises?

Last advantage I want to point out is that the 9 got better directional microphones. It enables it to filter human speak on a noisy background. It’s not that the 6 can’t handle it. It’s just that the 9 supposed to do it better.

Bottom line?

If your hearing loss if fairly flat, and you don’t have a challenging and everchanging environment, go for the 6.

Another piece of advice:

Even If you want to get the ITC version, you can try the 9 and the 6 as a BTE first. After you decide, you can get the final device as a ITC. It might not be for free, but it will enable you be sure before the big expense.

Keep in mind, though, that BTE hearing aids and ITC hearing aids function differently even if they have the same characteristics. However, this experiment will let you know if you really need to put this extra money on the 9 or the 6 is good enough for you.

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