Q: What is the Cost of Hearing Aids Trial?

This is a question we get on many versions:

- how much would it cost just trying a hearing aid?

- I had a hearing aid for a trial. What is the fee if I never used it?

- How much would they charge me if I used it only a week (out the 30 day trial)?


There is no definite answer for this question. It is really dependent on the clinic you’ve been to. On a BTE device, it might be okay to charge you for a tailor made earmold, after all, no one else could ever use it. The hearing aid itself, is totally reusable, even after you try it, and there is no reason to charge you for trying it (assuming you brought it back in one piece...).

As for devices that goes inside your ear: The device as a whole is built especially for you, and it is useless if you return it. The policy regarding how much you should pay changes a great deal from clinic to clinic. Where I work, for instance, we usually charge 5% for using such a device and not ending up buying it.

A trial of a week, by the way, is too short to examine a hearing aid to my opinion. I strongly believe that a month is more suitable to get used to the hearing aid and examine it properly.

There are clinics that if you don’t end up buying, might charge you for the time they spent on finding the right device, adjusting it and escort you at the early stages. It shouldn’t be more than some nominal fee. Again, it varies from place to place.

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