Time between hearing test and hearing aid purchase

Or: Are there any time limitations on purchasing hearing aids after hearing test?

The time between Hearing test execution and adjusting a  hearing aid is significant both in terms of audiology and bureaucratic.

Audiology wise

You can generally assume that the adjusting of hearing aids should relay on hearing test from the last six months. This is just a a rule of thumb, so it can be slightly different. For example: when it comes to hearing loss that the person feels that is deteriorating rapidly, six months might be too much. Or a fluctuating hearing loss (rarer, but can be, on a certain pathology), where you want the hearing test to be close to the adjustment.  

 In cases like this, the hearing aids’ expert should take into account that the device may require higher amplification in the near future. The chosen device must support sufficient amplification range.

There is the opposite, too: if your hearing hardly changed in the last few years, the audiologist can use a hearing test aged more than six months.

Bureaucratic wise

It differs from state to state and medical insurance to another. There are places where you are obliged to present a hearing test dated not earlier than three months (why? Extra cautious and also an economic consideration, if the executive body benefits from carrying out additional hearing tests ...). So, right after the hearing test, you should find out if there are any time limitations to get the hearing aid (in case someone is paying for the hearing aid, like health insurance).

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