Q: Sound Quality Of The New Devices Is Not As Good as With my previous devices. Is That Typical?

I recently changed my hearing aids to a different model but of the same brand. The sound quality of the new devices is not as good as with the previous devices. Is that typical?


Sound quality is very subjective, so there are people who will swear that an amplification mechanism of one company is like no other, while others will say the same but on a different company.

How was the sound quality with the previous devices? Maybe this specific device doesn’t suit you as well. Or, If the sound quality is not pleasant to you, you should try other companies.
I don’t have sufficient information about your hearing loss to give a more detailed answer.

As a general guideline, you shouldn’t compromise for the quality you describe, contact the audiologist and consult with him in person. There is no reason you should walk around with the worst sound quality just because you got new devices. With new devices, thing ought to change for the better, not for the worse.


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