Q: Should I get Songbird Hearing Aids?


Songbird hearing aids, like the manufacturer says, are meant mainly for minor and moderate hearing loss. Since they sell it without specific alignment, it can not handle complex hearing loss or severe hearing loss.

It’s a universal hearing aid that amplifies enough if your hearing loss isn’t too complex. Its main advantage of course, is its price.

Why not

...Generally speaking, i’m against instant solutions such as Songbird. This is super relevant on hearing aids, as you have to take into account your hearing preferences, your unique hearing loss and so on. There is much more to hearing loss than just the amplification and the frequencies.

Why yes

...On the other hand, I’m in favour of solutions that get people to do something with their hearing loss. Many people just accept their hearing loss as part of life. Maybe with a solution like Songbird (given that it all goes well), it might help them as a jump start. Later, when the hearing loss gets worse, it might be easier for them to get a more complicated hearing aid to cover their new needs.

Bottom line

So, if you only have a simple, minor to moderate hearing loss, it worth a try. If it doesn’t work well, you can always go to the more traditional hearing aids.

Here are the different hearing aids they got.

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