Receiver In The Canal Hearing Aid

Also goes by the name Canal Receiver Technology


The receiver in the canal devices looks pretty much like the regular BTE hearing aids. The difference is, that on these devices the receiver is separated from the case. Instead, it is located in the ear canal (along with the little tip that replaces the earmold). This canal receiver technology got mainly good sides. 

Main advantages

Since you separate the receiver from the case (The part behind the ear), the case can be even smaller than usual. Another advantage, is that the sound from the receiver is transmitted directly to the ear drum. This is not the case in classic BTE, where they use this tiny tube to conduct the sounds from the case into the ear and to the ear drum.

Earmold  Vs Open fit tip

Typically, the RIC will use a universal open fit tip, but you can also wear it with a tailor made tip that will be made specially to fit your ear. It is more suitable for a higher degree of hearing loss. On these cases too, you can have some sort of ventilation.

Can it fit you?

Well, on most cases, Receiver in the canal is made for minor and moderate hearing loss. In some devices, with a stronger receiver, it can also fit severe hearing loss.
Another consideration is your ear canal. It can't be too narrow, otherwise the receiver won’t fit in. Any hearing aid expert can give you the estimation for this.

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