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Do they still manufacture a hearing device that is connected into the coil in the hearing aid through a neck loop? (It supposed to amplify TV sound in one working mode and to pick up exterior sounds in the other working mode)

  I am concerned with being able to pick up individual conversations in a crowded atmosphere without having the surrounding sounds override everything.


In the past, there were hearing aids that you could switch between two modes: 'H'  and 'T'. On 'H' mode, you could use the hearing aid to hear the surroundings and on 'T' mode, you use the coil and some special telephone.

In addition, you could find hearing devices that you wear around the neck with some earphones. On the TV you locate a small box that transmits the TV’s voices directly to your ears, with any volume you want, and it doesn’t bother others.

If your concern is hearing well without noise distraction, you can get one of today’s advanced hearing aids. The nowadays hearing aids handle noises very well. The progress in this field is enormous.

As for listening to TV or Stereo music, most advanced hearing aids got an additional accessory that you can buy in order to transmit the voices directly from the Audio source (TV, for instance) to the hearing aid. They do it using Bluetooth, for instance.

Here are some examples for such devices:

1) Siemens Minitek

2) ReSound Unite TV streamer

These accessories (there are others, too, of course) allow you to receive sounds directly from the various devices in your environment such as TV, MP3 player, stereo or even computers. 

You don’t need to wear anything on the body, you simply use a small remote-control-like device. The sound will reach your ears clean of ambient noise without the amplification of the device itself.

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