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Oticon hearing aids is one of the hearing aids giants. Without a doubt, in the forefront of technology. So for sure, one of the devices below can fit your needs.

A Danish company (Scandinavians are very strong in hearing aids and some hearing aids giants were founded there). They were the first company to produce a fully digital hearing aid, the Digifocus. In fact, it was only for research purposes. Widex were the first to come up with a commercial digital hearing aid. Anyhow, Oticon continues to be a leader in technological innovation.

Their latest line of products based on the Inium platform which enables you better speech understanding with less effort, while using your specific parameters.

The main new features in the Inium product line

Speech guard E - A mechanism that should enable you to understand human speech better. It supposes to keep the human voice clear even with background noises. The bottom line of it is to enable you to take part in a conversation, even if the speakers change from time to time. It’s a common issue you might face while using hearing aids.

Spatial Sound - This mechanism supposes to help to know where the sounds are coming from. This capability is damage if you have some hearing loss and this mechanism should bring you back the locating ability.

YouMatic - A mechanism that suppose to help you notice differences in speech perception among different users. Even if you and your friend have exactly the same hearing loss, each of you has different hearing processing capabilities. It depends on your age and can even vary depending on fatigue, experience wearing a hearing aid etc. This mechanism allows a better match to your specific auditory processing characteristics.

Free Focus – A new directionality mechanism, offers up to 5 different modes of directionality, so you can focus on what’s important for you.

Inium feedback Shield –  A new mechanism that tries to deal with the feedback problem. It combines 3 different technologies that supposed to protect you from that annoying whistling sound.

Inium product levels

alta-oticon-hearing-aid Alta hearing aid.
Courtesy Oticon

This new line of products offers three different levels.

Alta - The premium, where you can find all the goodies.

Nera - The second level is a version with the same mechanisms, but in a reduced performance. 

Ria - Finally, you can enjoy the Inium technology in a essential version.

You can get the three series in all styles.

Needless to say, the new products can all connect to all media sources (T.V, Mobile, Computer etc.), if you buy the Streamer Pro device. It’s a device you wear around your neck and all the media can be transmitted by wireless Bluetooth, straight to your hearing aids.

Product  for kids built on the Inium platform

Sensi – A hearing aid designed to fit infants, kids and teenagers. It comes as a BTE or RITE (a BTE with a receiver in the ear). It has two levels of performance: Sensi and Sensi Pro.

Both levels got all the front-end technology, including wireless connectivity, FM compability, Noise management, Inium feedback Shield, and some protection against dust and moisture. It is made of an anti-allergic material.

The main difference between the Sensi and the Sensi Pro is that the latest is also equipped with Speech guard E, SmartFit Trainer (can help you ensure correct  insertion of  the hearing aid into your kid’s ear) and EasyREC (enables better fitting by the audiologist).

Previous products

The former line of Oticon hearing aids was design on a platform called RISE2.

And I will never be tired of reminding, that technology is developing so fast, that yesterday innovation is old news today, but! They are still very good, if not excellent.

The Rise 2 was a significant leap in syncing the two ears. It enables this sync, in addition to all kind of wireless connectivity. It is doing all of that without affecting the battery life time too badly.

Levels in RISE2

Agil - The premium series (before the Alta was presented). As its descent, you can get it in all sizes .The two main innovations were: CIC power and Receiver-In-The-Canal (RITC).

Acto - The intermediate series (replaced by Nera) 

Ino - The essential (replaced by Ria).

Three more special hearing aids built on the Rise 2 platform:

Chili - A strong BTE hearing aid for deep hearing loss cases. You can get it on three different quality levels.  A strong, solid and robust device.

Intiga -  Innovative hearing aid from Oticon. You can get it either as a Receiver-In-The-Canal or as an Invisible-In-the-Canal. Both options are tiny and well designed. Oticon designates these devices especially if you want to experience a quick and easy adaptation, so you’ll have an experience of "putting it in the ear and forget its existence”. You can get it in three quality levels.

Safari – The former kid’s solution.

Oticon got many additional devices you might find on the market. Read here about other Oticon hearing aids.  

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