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Oticong hearing aids is one of the hearing aids giants. Without a doubt, in the forefront of technology. So for sure, one of the devices below can fit your needs.

A Danish company (Scandinavians are very strong in hearing aids and some hearing aids giants were founded there).

Oticon was the first company to produce a fully digital hearing aid, the Digifocus. In fact, it was only for research purposes. Widex were the first to come up with a commercial digital hearing aid. Anyhow, Oticon continues to be a leader in technological innovation.

Oticon Available hearing aids

I’ll try to sort the devices here from the elite to the more basic hearing aids.

Elite Devices


alta-oticon-hearing-aid Alta hearing aid.
Courtesy Oticon

The flagship of Oticon. You can find it in all shapes and sizes, suitable for almost all types of hearing loss and equipped with the best technology Oticon has. In general, you can get it in two quality levels (they are very close to each other). The main improvement in these devices is that they can fit your needs not only based on your hearing test results (Audiogram). They actually use some additional tests the hearing aid expert will do with you.


Innovative hearing aid from Oticon. You can get it either as a Receiver-In-The-Canal or as an Invisible-In-the-Canal. Both options are tiny and well designed. Oticon designates these devices especially if you want to experience a quick and easy adaptation.

The devices are equipped with the best technology from Oticon, with automatic mechanisms, so you’ll have an experience of "putting it in the ear and forget its existence”. You can get it in three quality levels.

Mid range devices


On some countries, you can get this series, which is very similar to the Alta series, but slightly less sophisticated. The new stuff is pretty much the same: fitting the hearing aid based on additional audiological parameters, not just the Audiogram. Here too, you can get it in two quality levels.


Just a bit less advanced comparing to the Alta. Available in all sizes.

Two main innovations: CIC and Receiver-In-The-Canal (RITC).

The CIC power is relatively strong for a CIC, so it cover hearing loss that an average CIC can’t cover. Therefore, if you have a severe hearing loss, and you are looking for a discrete option, this might be a good one.

The RITC option is also quite unique. It is fairly small, and Oticon claims it got some special features. They say that not only you’ll understand speech better, but also with less effort.

Mid-range - Basic


Intermediate option. Enables wireless connectivity and sync between the left and the right hearing aids. You can get it in various sizes and in two different price levels.


I’d put it as a basic-plus device. Like others, it supports wireless options for TV, phone etc. You can get it in various sizes and in two different price levels.

The basic series

Get, Hit

Basic and affordable options. It covers almost all hearing loss levels in a (relatively) reasonable price.

In addition to all of the hearing aids above, Oticon offers some series for special cases:

To those who are used to analog hearing aids


A computerized analog hearing aid. If you are used to the analog hearing aids’ sound, this might be a solution for you. It can cover a wide range of hearing losses and can also be connected to FM systems.

For severe hearing loss


A strong BTE hearing aid for deep hearing loss cases. You can get it on three different quality levels. A strong, solid and robust device.


Like the name implies, it is a super strong device and you can find it also in a kids version. It is robust and includes some indication light so you could tell how your kid’s device is doing. It enables any adult who is taking care of a child with this device to have an indication about the hearing aid’s status.

An innovative hearing aid for kids:


The latest device Oticon offers for kids. It got all the front-end technology, including wireless connectivity, extra endurance and some protection against dust and moisture. It is made of an anti-allergic material.

Equipped with an indicator that shows you if the device is sitting properly in the ear. It covers quite a wide range of frequencies and you can get it in two quality levels. Available either as a BTE or RITE

Here is some more about it from Oticon hearing aids web site.

Older Oticon hearing aids

Keep in mind that the technology changes every few years. Therefore, a hearing aid that is considered “previous generation” was considered the state of the art only a few years back. I strongly believe that these devices are a great solution on many cases. They are not always available, though.

Delta and Dual

A Receiver-In-The-Canal devices, with a sophisticated and compact design


A hearing aid series that made a big leap at the time in the sense of synchronization between your two devices. It’s available almost in all sizes.


A mid-level series, available in all sizes including the Vigo Connect that can connect to all sorts of media such as TV, phone etc.


A device that is sort of a middle generation between the old style BTE and the new style BTE. Medium in size and can come with something similar to an open tip.


The basic series of the older generation. If you need a basic affordable solution, you might want to consider moving just a bit forward to the next generation - HIT/Get/Ino/Acto and enjoy a basic hearing aid but one that uses a slightly more advanced technology.

Technologies by Oticon

Oticon got two main technologies at the front line: Inium and Rise 2.

The inium is an advanced signal processing platform. It enables you better speech understanding with less effort, while using your specific parameters. It is currently available only on Nera and Alta.

The Rise 2 is a significant leap in syncing the two ears. It enables this sync, in addition to all kind of wireless connectivity. It is doing all of that without affecting the battery life time too badly.

The main mechanisms by Oticon

Speech guard

A mechanism that should enable you to understand human speech better with no extra effort. It suppose to keep the human voice clear even with background noises.

They got some more advanced version of it - the Speech Guard E. This one is expected to separate human voice from noises even better. The bottom line of it, is to enable you to take part in a conversation, even if the speakers change from time to time. It’s a common issue you might face while using hearing aids.

Spatial Sound

This mechanism suppose to help to know where the sounds are coming from. Our brain compares the speed and magnitude of the sounds coming from both ears to decide where the sound comes from. This capability is damage if you have some hearing loss. This Spatial mechanism should bring you back the locating ability. It’s available in three different quality levels.


A mechanism to answer the differences in speech perception for different people have. Even if you and your friend have exactly the same hearing loss, each of you have different hearing processing capabilities. It depends on your age and can even vary depending on fatigue, experience wearing a hearing aid etc.

This mechanism allows a better match to your specific auditory processing characteristics. Available in two quality grades.

Adaptation Manager

It should ease your adaptation period. It breaks down the amplification you actually need into small steps. It builds it gradually so it will be easier for you to get used to the hearing aid. It is doing so automatically.


Of course Oticon hearing aids got many other mechanisms to avoid feedback, remove background noises and so on.

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