Q: Can I wear Open Fit Hearing Aids If I Use Glasses?


Yes, you can.

open fit hearing aidOpen fit hearing aid.
Look how invisible the tube is.

There is no problem wearing an open fit hearing aids with glasses. The case of the device, which is the part that’s located behind your ear, is pretty small. At the clinic, they should fit the device in such a way that it’s located behind the auricle, right next to the glasses handle.

The tiny tube that connects the case to the tip inside your ear is extremely delicate, and you get one that follows exactly the needed curves from behind your ear to the ear canal. As a result, you simply won’t feel it. And of course, it won’t malfunction because of the glasses.

On many cases, by the way, you can choose the color of the case so it can fit your glasses if you wish to.

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