Invisible In The Canal Hearing Aids


IIC is pretty similar to the Completely-In-the-Canal but it is hidden deeper in the ear. It got a few downsides as you can read below. The invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids are located much deeper in the canal and they are practically invisible even if you look directly into the ear. You got this tiny nylon thread so you can pull it out. Like its big brother (The CIC), they make the IIC tailor made for your ear.

Advantages over CIC

Since it’s located very close to the ear drum, you need less amplification to get the same results comparing to other hearing aids.

It is located so deep, the occlusion effect is reduced.

The invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid is located on the bony part of the hearing canal. As a result, it is held much better in place. The CIC can slightly move (or at least change its grasp) and hence influence its performance due to chewing, for instance. The IIC, on the other hand, is more stable.

Some cons

It is so delicate and deep... It’s relatively sensitive to earwax. Have a word with  a hearing aid expert if you tend to have lots of wax.

It’s not for you if your fine motor skills aren't the best. It is really tiny and the chord that pulls it out is extremely small.

Bottom line

It’s a great option if you got minor or moderate hearing loss and you don’t have a problem pushing something deep into your ear...

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