I want a hearing aid that no one can notice it, what do you recommend?


Well, you're interested in what almost all the hearing aids’ users are interested in. ..
In fact, all the hearing aids industry tries to find the formula that will maximize the technology, but not on the expense of aesthetics.

Few years back,  the answer to your question was simple: Completely-In-the-Canal hearing aids (CIC). It’s a device placed in the hearing canal, located in the depth of the ear . You pull it out using a thin nylon thread, and no one can see this hearing aid. CIC got its pros and cons, but the fact that they minimized it to become invisible makes it very successful and popular.

Nowadays, open fit hearing aids rule the industry. At first glance, it’s funny that the open-fit can compete with the CIC. After all, the open-fit are BTE devices and they got the case placed behind the ear, so you would think that they are more visible comparing to CIC. It turns out that the open-fit are almost invisible, especially if you got some hair behind the ear...

Open fit got a tiny  transparent tube, attached to the receiver which infuses the sound into the tip, which is also invisible from the outside.

Based on my experience, despite its complex structure,  you can hardly notice open-fit hearing aid if you adjust the size of the tube and the tip properly.

Haven said all that, visibility wise - the CIC is slightly more invisible.


The open-fit, as a whole, is a much better hearing aid:
Open fit keeps your ear ventilated - reduced occlusion effect
Fitting the open-fit is much easier - you don't need to have an ear impression
Open fit got better amplification for high-tone-loss
It’s easier to handle them (since they are slightly bigger and located outside the ear)

CIC, by the way, had an extra step - the invisible-in-the-canal (IIC). The IIC is placed even dipper in the canal so you really can’t see it. The IIC is gentle and it’s probably not a good option for you if you got extra ear wax or if your fine motor skills aren't the best.

Bottom line

Aesthetic aspect is important. Very important. But you have to find the balance between aesthetics and the main goal of a hearing aid - to have better and more comfortable hearing.
If you’ll have an extra-aesthetic device, but you won’t manage to handle it, you’ll have a really invisible device - because you’ll leave it in the drawer...

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