Q: How do you know you got problems with your hearing?


  • - Sometimes, you don’t feel it yet, but the surrounding starts noting you that you miss something here and there, not laughing on the right timing, etc.
  • - Sometimes, you feel that people speak not so clear, announcers on TV slur their words.
  • - Sometimes, on family meal, you're having trouble understanding what exactly everybody is saying, mainly the kids...

It is very individual, and depends on your lifestyle, but overall, when you feel that something in your communication with others is not smooth as always, you should have your hearing checked. Half an hour of your time, and you’ll have an answer.

BTW, the sooner, the better. We always recommend folks not to wait. The earlier you’ll start using aids (if you need, of course), the easier it will be to adjust. Assuming that your hearing loss is aged driven, your hearing isn’t likely to dramatically improve in the future.

Moreover, there is a point where you cannot start using hearing aids. Don’t wait to be at that point.

Here is nice demonstration of  hearing test

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