Hearing Aids Market Can Be Very Confusing

Hearing aids market can be very confusing.  The manufacturers reveal something new every few months. It can be some new technology or it can be just  a new look for the same device.  There are some advices here I can give to help you and calm you.

Every few years, they come up with some all-new device which is usually a whole new generation of hearing aids. For the manufacturers, every small change is an opportunity to get  new hearing aids out on the streets. On many occasions, the considerations are commercial and not a real need of the customers.

The changes can be pretty minor...
...It can be getting the same device but a little smaller
...It can be a new cover that protects from sweat.
...It can be a new set of colors
…It can be a slight improvement on one of the technologies

But - On many cases, if a company comes up with some new technology, they sell it on few levels, or they enable it on some devices and partially disable it on other devices. It enables the firms to introduce many levels of devices and therefore, many price levels... The amazing thing, is that they can come up with lots of different new devices, all based on a single change. A whole new product line based on just one development.

So, when you try to compare hearing aids of different brands, or even different hearing aids of the same brand, it can be really frustrating as a user. Even an experienced audiologist usually doesn't know all the devices of the brands he represents. Most likely, he knows very few models that can cover 99% of the hearing loss he encounters. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, knowing only few devices. On the contrary, knowing few devices thoroughly is much better than shallow knowing many hearing aids.

The way things are today, is that you can cover almost all hearing loss with a wide variety of devices. There is no specific hearing aid that can uniquely solve your problem. Many hearing aids can. On the same way, you can take ten people with exactly the same hearing loss and have each one of them to get a different hearing aid that perfectly matches the audiology needs.

Therefore, It is extremely important you find an excellent hearing aid expert that works with some of the leading brands. Keep in mind that on most cases, you don’t have to get state of the art and the most expensive hearing aid. For instance, if the device got 5 programs, don’t spend extra money for getting additional two programs (most users never use more than three...). A good hearing aids expert will be able to cover your hearing loss with the set of devices he sells.

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