Hearing Aid Batteries

All hearing aids run on batteries. Hearing aid batteries come in different sizes, and every device got the size that fits it. Like any battery, it got Negative side and positive side, and you have to put it in place in the right direction. It’s a piece of cake after someone shows you how...

What size to get

All you need to remember is the number and/or the color of the battery you need. All the manufacturers keep the batteries marked by a specific color code that fits a specific size. You can see the color on the batteries pack and on the sticker that you remove before using it.

This table illustrates the colors coding. If you don’t remember what size you need, your audiologist can always tell you.

Size 10 hearing aid battery
Size 10
Size 13 hearing aids battery
Size 13
Size 312 hearing aids battery
Size 312
Size 675 hearing aids batteries
Size 675

How long will the battery last?

Well, it really depends on what device you use, battery type, and how long you use the hearing aids each day. Generally speaking, the more it amplifies, the more battery it might use. The more sophisticated it is, the more battery eater it can be. However, I say “might” because some of the front-end technology they use nowadays, is meant exactly for that - save energy and expand the time you can use your hearing aid without replacing the battery. 

When you get a hearing aid, the user manual should indicate how long can you use it before you need to replace a battery. If you feel that the device uses much more batteries then it should, have a word with the audiologist, there might be a problem with the device.

Hearing aids’ batteries’ manufacturers

Many firms produce hearing aid’s batteries. They are all OK. As long as you stick to a known brand, all you need to take care of is the color and the expire on date. If you stick to these simple guidelines, you will be perfectly safe when buying batteries.

Where to get hearing aids’ batteries

Almost all pharmacies got hearing aids batteries nowadays. Many chain stores got it too. The prices should be usually less than a dollar for a single battery. Don't hesitate to get one online, too. Just make sure you get it from a reliable store.

Hearing aids’ batteries’ operation

These batteries are called Zinc-Air. They are activated when the Zinc is exposed to air. That’s why it got this sticker on it when you buy it. Once you peel the sticker, the battery is activated and its energy starts draining... Keep in mind that this procedure is not reversible, meaning, putting the sticker back won’t stop the battery operation, it will probably just slow it down. So don't open it untill you really want to use it.  

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Another important characteristic of Zinc-Air batteries is how they discharge. Unlike other batteries, Zinc-Air don’t gradually fade. They work perfectly untill their energy is over, and then they die almost instantly. This is important for hearing aids, because this way, your hearing aids can’t “weaken” or malfunction due to the battery’ discharge. The hearing aid either work with full steam or it doesn’t work at all.

For the very same reason, you should always have spare batteries with you. This way you will not get stuck with a dead battery (like I said, it happens fast).

Additional warnings

The batteries are toxic. They are extremely dangerous in case of swallow. So keep them away from children reach. In case of swallowing, get medical help immediately.

If you don't use the hearing aids for a long period, take the batteries out. It might get corrosion if the battery stays in place.

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