Get The Most Out Of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

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Short background

Hearing aid batteries are Zinc-Air batteries. They are activated when the Zinc is exposed to air. That’s why it got this sticker on it when you buy it. Once you peel the sticker, the Zinc is exposed to the air, and the battery is activated. Its energy starts draining.

So, here are a few tips in order to get the most out of your hearing aid batteries...

Peeling the sticker

Like I said above, peeling the sticker activates the battery. This procedure is not reversible, meaning, putting the sticker back won’t stop the battery operation, it will probably just slow it down, so don't open it until you really want to use it.


Don’t leave the batteries on a warm place. The glue on the sticker might melt and the battery will be activated. Don’t keep it in the freezer, too. It can cause moisture between the battery and the sticker. This will damage the sticker and can activate the battery.

To get the most out of your hearing aid batteries simply keep it in a cool dry place.

Expire date

Even with the sticker on, the batteries got their expire date. Check it before you buy.

When you don’t use your hearing aid

When you don’t use your hearing aid (meaning, it is outside your ear...) Make sure you turn it off. The battery inside teh hearing aid still looses power but not as it looses when the device is turned on.

NOTE! On some high-end digital hearing aids, there is no on/off button. You have to open the battery cover in order to turn it off. If the battery cover is closed, your device is ON, and the battery is losing power. If you're not sure, ask the audiologist how to turn your hearing aid off.

Zinc-Air batteries discharge

Keep in mind that hearing aid batteries do not lose power gradually. They work perfectly fine till they are empty. Then, they stop functioning almost on the spot. It enables the hearing aid to work perfectly well as long as the battery is OK. Meaning, you can’t feel degradation in its performance as the battery drains. The downside of this characteristic is that you should have spare batteries with you in case the batteries run out without warning.

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