Feedback noises on RITC hearing aids

I’m using Receiver-In-The-Canal (RITC) open-fit hearing aids and I got feedback noises all too often. Is there something to do about it?


Receiver-In-The-Canal (RITC) devices are a terrific solution on many hearing loss cases. However, they have their limitations too. A classic scenario that pushes it to the limit is if you are using open-fit device, while having a severe hearing loss.

When you use open-fit, what happens is, that the sounds inside your ear can leak outside easily because the open-fit tip isn’t sealing your ear. If on top of that, you have a severe hearing loss, the sounds in your ear are transmitted louder than on other cases. This combination might cause feedback.

What do you do?

A common solution is using an earmold. This way, you keep on using the same device (the part behind your ear stays the same), but now you use it with an earmold instead of an open-fit tip. Once you use an earmold, it seals the ear much better and prevent from sounds go out and reach the hearing aid’s microphone, and hence minimize feedback.

There are few drawbacks to this solution: first, you have to have an ear impression and the earmold is tailor made for you. Second, and earmold isn’t as ventilated as the open-fit tip. It is totally up to you to weigh it against the feedback noises.

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