Q: Can I use Expired Hearing Aids Batteries?


As a general guideline, using expired hearing aids batteries shouldn’t do any damage. Just make sure the battey looks okay, with no change in its form factor or its surface. Of course, the batteries will not be as efficient as new batteries. The main problem is that their life expectancy once you start using it, will be shorter than a good battery. They will simply drain faster.

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Batteries lose their power due to chemical reactions inside it, and since the sticker gets less effective. Best practice with batteries is storing it in proper storage conditions, which should prolong its life expectancy.

One more thing worth mentioning - the due date on the batteries is an estimation that the manufacturer make, based on chemistry theories, tests, and experience. Therefore, if the expiry date wasn’t too long ago, your batteries are of a decent brand, and they are properly stored - they might still function well.

On the other hand - bad batteries, poorly stored, long after the due date - might not function at all.

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