Q: Do Both Hearing Aids Have To Be The Same Brand?

It is not necessary that both hearing aids will be of the same brand.

It is true, though, that every company has its own amplification methods, and sound quality in hearing aid devices changes due to different characteristics. Therefore, on many cases, if you are used to a particular company, it might be difficult to get used to a new company, or you just want to stick to the old sound you’re used to.

There is also the possibility that, for some reason, you are not happy with your device, and you try some other device, of the same quality level but of a different brand. In spite of the fact that the devices has exactly the same specifications, you might find that the voice quality is more convenient in the new device . It is truly individual.

There are people that use different hearing aid in each ear and find it perfectly okay. As I just said, it is an individual feeling, and you will only know if you try...

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