CIC Hearing Aids Parts

CIC hearing aids has only few parts you can notice and point out. Moreover, It varies from one device to another. I mention here the very basic parts but some of the CICs got additional buttons or functionality. Here are the basics and the most common parts with a few words on the functionality of each part.

There is much more on why to get (or not to get) CIC hearing aids here...

cic hearing aids partsCIC parts diagram


Trivial, it receives the sounds from the surroundings. Note that there is usually only a single microphone on CIC devices. It limits some of the CIC abilities. Other hearing aids can have directional microphones and get more out of the sounds they receive.

Battery compartment

The biggest of all CIC parts... Typically, it covers most of the front panel. You have to fit a size 10 battery in, and be able to open it.

Removal cord

A simple nylon cord with a tiny knob so you can take the thing out. Keep in mind that CIC hearing aids are located deep in the ear canal. Once it is in you can hardly see or touch it, let alone take it out. That's why they put this cord...


The purpose of the vent is to prevent occlusion feeling. It enables air and sounds to bypass the hearing aid. The vent hole on the diagram above is simply a tunnel running through the hearing aid. On some CIC it looks a bit different but the concept is the same: to enable ventilation.

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