Q: Can a person with profound hearing loss wear an open fit ear mold?

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In general, with profound hearing loss, you need a good seal of the ear so the amplified sounds will not slip out and even cause feedback. So open fit isn’t the classic option.

There are cases, though, that the profound loss is not on all frequencies but just on part of the spectrum. In cases like this, there might be an option to use a strong receiver-in-the-canal (RITC) hearing aid (most brands got a hearing aid as such).

For example, if you got profound hearing loss on 6000Hz and 8000Hz, your lower frequencies are OK and you got mild to moderate loss on 1000Hz to 4000Hz, your audiogram is like a slope from the low tones to the high tones. This is a case where the option I mentioned above can be valid.

If you will use a RITC, you will have an ear mold specially made for your ear after taking an impression. It won’t be an open fit ear mold but the overall look will be very similar to an open fit device. You might even get some proper ventilation. Keep in mind that the whole RITC option is related to the size and shape of your ear canal.

Bottom line

Most likely that if you have a profound hear loss, open fit hearing aids aren’t the best option for you. There are cases, though, that you can have solutions very similar to open fit hearing aid.

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