Q:My audiologist has exclusivity on the Beltone devices he recommends. How can I tell I’m getting the best hearing aids? He recommends I get Beltone Promise 17.


Beltone-promise-ritc Belotone Promise in
RITC style

Well, to begin with, that’s one of the problems of the hearing aids market. The audiologist got a conflict of interests since he serves both as the expert and as the sales person. This is another reason why it is so important you go to a good and reliable clinic.

Beltone promise 17 is a good device, but I can’t tell if this is what you need because I don’t have the full picture. I can say, though, that there isn’t a unique device that exclusively fit to a specific hearing loss. For most common hearing losses, there are many devices of different brands that can do the job. Beltone is a very good company, and it’s up in the front, maybe just a bit behind Oticon and GN.

I know many patients that are very happy with their Beltone and wouldn’t change it for any other brand. Naturally this is true for the other brands. It’s a matter of personal preferences and getting used to certain sound types of the different companies.

Bottom line

If you trust your hearing aids expert and you feel good with the hearing aid he’s offering you, go for it.

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