Q:Are open fit hearing aids good for people with low frequency hearing loss?

...Open fit hearing aids and low tone hearing loss.


Generally speaking, open fit hearing aids are designed for medium and high frequencies hearing loss. The whole point of ‘open-fit’, is that the ear is kept ventilated and the hearing aid doesn’t block the ear canal. It enables low tone sounds to “escape” to the free air, so they are not amplified. This way, un-wanted noises like chewing sounds are not amplified.

It works great if your hearing is OK on the lower frequencies because you don’t need amplification of low tones from the first place.

However, like everything in life, this too, is a matter of degree. If your low-tone hearing loss is only minor, and you mainly suffer from high tone loss, most open fit hearing aids can be good enough for you.

On the other hand, if you have a moderate or deep low-tone hearing loss, most likely open fit devices are not the solution you need. If you’ll use it, you’ll have the comfort of a ventilated ear, and chewing voices will not be amplified, but you’ll miss lots of other voices and sounds...

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