The Authors

Well, there are two of us behind this site. First, my spouse. She is an experienced audiologist, with vast knowledge and years of hands-on experience on all audiology aspects such as hearing loss, hearing aids, hearing rehabilitation and all kinds of hearing tests. She holds both a Bachelor's degree and a master's degree in this fascinating field. 

As for me, I run the technical aspects of this site. Setting it up, organizing it in a way I think would help you the most. In addition, for a leaving, I work as an electronics engineer, so I cover some of the “under the hood” stuff of hearing aids. Nowadays, most of the hearing aids, if not all, are true high-tech high-end devices, using top notch technology.

Hearing aids - unknown territory

We found out that people are intimidated from the option of getting a hearing aid. On the one hand, you feel you need one. On the other hand, you don’t know anything about it. It’s not as common as glasses, for instance. On most cases, you don’t know anyone with sufficient knowledge you can consult with. In addition, hearing aids can be a significant expense. You want to be sure you put your money on the right choice. On many cases, the place you buy from is the one giving you the advices and you want some second (objective) opinion.

How (and why) we got this site

Over the years, we found ourselves giving lots of advices regarding hearing aids. Sometimes its just helping to decide between two devices the audiologist suggested. Sometimes its convincing one’s parent seriously to think about the option of having hearing aids. Sometimes it’s just giving a recommendation on a specific clinic.

We love to give these advices and help people out. We thought that making the knowledge more accessible is a great idea and putting up a web site was the natural way. Our purpose is to be this person you trust that you can consult with. We gathered most of the info we think is relevant, and we are constantly writing additional pages to keep the site up to date. However, if you didn’t find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to drop us a line. We’ll try to help.

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